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About Sports Oxygen – Canned “Oxygen in a Can

Jack up your energy levels and outlast the competition through a quick intake of natural, pure, clear oxygen. One shot will immediately deliver oxygen to your muscles, helping them recover quicker and push further. No more hitting the wall too early.                   >> Click Here to Buy Sports Oxygen

Sports Oxygen can:

  • Increase immediate and extended muscle recovery
  • Reduce brain fatigue to think clearer
  • Shorten reaction time and improve reflexes
  • Promote an overall energy boost
  • Strengthens fatigued immune systems
  • Give you the extra percentage jump on competitors

These benefits kick-in instantly, so you’ll see them as soon as you use Sports Oxygen.

Your blood is loaded with oxygen. You breathe air in, your lungs siphon the oxygen into your blood, and your heart pumps these oxygen rich blood cells into your muscles and up to your brain. The quicker your body and brain receive this oxygen, the quicker it will rejuvenate and the sharper it will function. The typical, polluted air you breathe is 20.8% oxygen, not all of which is absorbed into your body. Sports Oxygen is 99.5% pure oxygen. That’s like driving 5 times the Oxygen into your muscles.

A growing number of athletes are now using oxygen during competition and between training sessions. With oxygen being a key component in muscle recovery and brain stimulation, its benefits are finally being introduced to athletes in sports ranging from football, basketball, ultimate fighting, hockey and tennis.

Plus, it is great in the gym when training, allowing you to do more reps and sets, while lifting heavier weights with less rest. This makes Sports Oxygen great for competition or practice and training sessions.

View the Sports Oxygen FAQ for more questions on canned oxygen, oxygen in a can and oxygen cans products.

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