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Buy Sports Oxygen in a Can – Canned Oxygen Purchase Options – Buy sports oxygen in a can and canned oxygen

The Sports Oxygen Product

Sports Oxygen is 99.5% pure oxygen, pressurized in a canister about the size of a water bottle. Lightweight and simple, a can fits easily into a gym bag. Cans come with an inhaler that snaps on and releases one breath per use.

This size and weight allow you to take the canister anywhere, and the inhaler ensures that you get a clear blast of oxygen each time.

Product Features

Who uses Sports Oxygen- Athletes who want an edge in competition or an increase in performance while training.

  • Pro Football Athletes
  • MMA & Mixed Martial Arts Oxygen

Manufacturers description:

  • Plug in here from our manufacturer.


  • Compact size at 3in x 12in canister/inhaler
  • Contains X litres¬† or X breaths of 99.5% pure oxygen. (Seems like 10 breaths per litre is standard)
  • No medical ingredients or additives. All natural oxygen.
  • Weight: 160 grams

Please Note:

  • Sports Oxygen can only be delivered/has restrictions on delivery
  • If you are ill, please consult your doctor. Sports Oxygen is not a replacement for prescribed medicine.
  • Do not allow canisters to rise above 50 degrees C or 120 degrees F. Keep away sunlight and exposed flame/sparks. Do not freeze.

Keep out of reach of children.